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Chimney Inspection Guys specializes in fireplace and woodstove chimney sweeps, liners, repairs, inspections and dryer vent cleaning. We are certified by the state and local authorities to carry out chimney inspections for both commercial and residential. Our certified chimney technicians will provide you with a safer and a more comprehensive analysis for your chimney and heating solutions. We guarantee you of high quality services and professionalism and you should not have any doubts working with us. Contact us on 800-395-6926 and our technicians will be at your service.


Quality chimney inspections

Our commitment at Chimney Inspection Guys is to perform quality inspection services. In case of any suspicious problems with your chimney we will offer you with accurate information, detailed reports and cost effective solutions. We specialize in; extensive visual inspections, closed-circuit video inspection, smoke test inspection and chimney consulting. When it comes to chimney’s safety and proper service Chimney Inspection Guys is here to serve you with all your needs, contact us today on 800-395-6926 and we will be glad to assist you.


Inspection services

Extensive visual inspection; a visual inspection details the most obvious and fine points of a chimney most often missed by the general home inspector. It delivers a report made of three page report that dives information about the existing condition of the chimney, code violations, and fire hazards recommended repairs and safety tips.

Contact us on 800-395-6926 and we will be more than willing to assist you.

Chimney Inspection

Closed-circuit video inspection; during this type of inspection a video camera is put up in the chimney, most often through the throat so that the visualization of the entire inner portion of the chimney is possible. It is done from the living space with video and audio recorded. If something is found our experts will explain it with full clarity. This service provides the kind of reliable information the customers require before making a decision regarding the extent of repairs and the overall safety of the chimney. Our experts that they use the latest gadgets which can see everything with full clarity.

Smoke test inspection; presence of cracks and voids in chimneys can result in chimney fires, not from direct flame but from heat transfer. Smoke test is very important as it will help indicate points of potential failure in the chimney. A smoke test is achieved by using a controlled pressure forcing smoke into the chimney while the fireplace and flue are sealed up and the end result will determine if smoke leaks out of the system indicating a potential fire hazard. Smoke test is followed by video scope because the smoke test alone can give false results as it is not exact.

Chimney consultation services; sometimes clients are not contented with results from other companies, Chimney Inspection Guys have been brought in to evaluate conflicting inspection reports, bids for repairs or to just to advise on the method of construction for a new chimney. We offer consultation on rebuilding with masonry, high temperature flues, fireplaces which are prefabricated, chimney maintenance, smoking and drafting problems, masonry tuck pointing, flue relining and the safety standards that are currently in place.

Contact us on 800-395-6926 and we will be more than willing to assist you.

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